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5 Best Natural Deodorants You Can Get in Singapore

5 Best Natural Deodorants You Can Get in Singapore

Natural deodorants protect your underarms just the same, or even better than chemical deodorants – minus the toxic stuff. What’s the point of using a deodorant that makes your armpits sweat and smell less, to the detriment of your overall health?

You read that right: chemical deodorants (the typical drugstore stuff) contain elements that shouldn’t ever be in contact with your skin. Substances like parabens, which are present in several cosmetics, may cause allergic reactions and irritation to the sensitive skin under your arms. Besides, parabens are endocrine disruptors, meaning they mimic the naturally-occurring hormone estrogen. Its action may result in hormonal imbalance, as well as certain types of cancers.

Considering that, how should you pick and choose the best natural deodorants to try? Lucky for you, we’ve selected five of the best natural deodorants you can get in Singapore – whether you’re getting them for yourself or gifting them to someone else.

1) Jomingo’s Natural Deodorant 

This bundle of aluminum-free and eco-friendly natural deodorants are made with premium essential oils sourced in Asia. This is Jomingo’s secret for lovely natural scents that don’t irritate the skin. You can choose among tea-tree and mint, grapefruit, as well as an unscented version for those who enjoy a more neutral protection.

Plus, their natural deodorants are made with 100% organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, as well as ethically-sourced cocoa butter. These ingredients are key to keeping your underarms smooth and feeling fresh all day.

Other two key ingredients are gluten-free (non-GMO) tapioca starch and baking soda, which help neutralize sweat odors. In order to preserve the product’s shelf life, natural vitamin E is included in the mix. Jomingo products contain no artificial preservatives.

Net weight: 50g
Price: S$65.00 (Gift Trio Set)
Free from: Parabens, alcohol, sulfates, aluminum.
Ideal for all skin types.

2) Kopari’s Natural Aluminum-Free Coastal Deodorant

This 100% plant-based natural deodorant is aluminum and baking soda-free, and contains moisturizing coconut oil. If you’re curious to know what it smells like, creators describe the smell as “ocean breezy, orange-grovey, wind-in-your-hair, coast-cruisy freshness.” Sounds pretty amazing.

Not to mention, it’s known for the natural smell a lot of people look for in deodorants, but can rarely find it. The scent on this one isn’t overpowering – instead,  it leaves a fresh hint of cleanliness.

Because it’s liquid, you’ll want to let it dry for a few seconds, just so you won’t get any residue on your clothes. This is just for the sake of comfort, as its aluminum-free formula won’t stain clothes.

Thanks to coconut oil, this deodorant glides smoothly on the skin. Contrary to some deodorants, both natural and chemical, it leaves no stickiness behind. It’s also non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog your pores or cause residue buildup.

Net weight: 65g
Price: S$34
Free from: Parabens, alcohol, sulfates, aluminum, baking soda, silicone, phthalate.
Ideal for all skin types.

3) Lush’s “The Greeench” Powder Deodorant

This powder plant-based powder deodorant is made of thyme, tea tree and sage to keep you dry all day or all night. It’s a powerful blend of natural herbs, each associated with benefits that will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, and protected.

The ingredients pack a punch: The Greeench contains absorbent lycopodium powder, deodorizing tea tree oil, cleansing rosemary powder, and moisture-absorbing sage powder. Perspiration and odor are no match for the combination of micro-fine magnesium trisilicate and sodium bicarbonate powders.

All you have to do is rub the powder into your clean, dry armpits. No need to dissolve it or mix it with anything else.

Net weight: 79g
Price: S$28.00
Free from: Parabens, alcohol, sulfates, aluminum.
Ideal for all skin types.

4) Native Deodorant 

Native Deodorant Singapore

This gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free natural deodorant is the ideal choice for those who look for lasting, odor-free protection. Native never tests on animals, and only tests on human volunteers who deliberately choose to try it.

This natural deodorant offers smooth, light, yet effective protection with easy application. It’s made with selected, natural and safe ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, probiotics, and tapioca starch.

Thousands of ingredients have been tested before arriving at a final formula that blocks odor and wetness all throughout the day – even after heavy workouts.

Net weight: 75g
Price: S$18.50
Free from: Parabens, sulfates, aluminum, talc, phthalates.
Ideal for all skin types.

5) Freshwithsol All Natural Deodorant 

Freshwithsol all natural deodorant

The humid, tropical Singaporean weather can be tough to handle. That’s was what we at Fresh With Sol had in mind when developing 100% natural and aluminum-free deodorants. Confidently go about your day with 12-hour effectiveness, guaranteed.  

The super-strength formulas come in various scents: eucalyptus, lavender, rose, and sandalwood. The scents are sourced within Asia, and 100% derived from pure essential oils. No synthetic fragrances here!

What’s more, the deodorants are enriched with probiotics to protect your skin’s microbiome, as well as Aloe Vera extract to moisturize the skin throughout every use. Aloe Vera also acts as a soothing anti-inflammatory barrier to your skin.

Because they don’t contain any trace of aluminum, Fresh With Sol’s deodorants won’t leave any yellow stains on your clothes. The number one active ingredient used is baking soda – however, they also offer a sensitive-skin formula in a fresh citrus scent. This one is made with magnesium rather than baking soda.

Net weight: 60g
Price: S$15.00 ($13.50 per bottle for subscription)
Free from: Parabens, alcohol, sulfates, aluminum.
Ideal for all skin types

Ready to make the switch?

Especially in the humid Singapore weather, no one should go without deodorant. Your traditional chemical deodorants will help you sweat and smell less, but that’s all. Plus, a lot of them may leave your skin feeling irritated and dry during and after use – not to mention cause potential health issues down the road.

When it comes to products that help you get rid of perspiration and odor in the healthiest way possible, natural deodorants will do a great job. If you haven’t made the switch yet, you won’t regret giving the above options a try.

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