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Why is aluminium and paraben in deodorant bad?

Why is aluminium and paraben in deodorant bad?

Feeling your best starts with smelling your best. Nothing makes you feel more confident than walking around knowing that you smell as fresh as you feel. But if you're like most people, you may find the deodorant aisle to be quite daunting. Smells aside, how do you know which type of deodorant is best for your needs?

With the growing demand for all natural products, aluminium and paraben-free deodorants are more readily available than ever before. Though it can be tempting to stick with a deodorant that you know works, many people don’t realize the hidden dangers in today’s most popular products.

Here’s why aluminium and paraben deodorants are bad and why you should make the switch to natural deodorant.

What is aluminium?

Two forms of aluminium, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly are common ingredients in most deodorants. The compound works by plugging the pores to minimize sweating. By blocking the sweat ducts in the underarm, there’s less wetness and odor.

Aluminium also inhibits bacteria that thrive on sweat and cause bad odors. While aluminium gets the job done, digging a little deeper shows just how dangerous the compound can be.

Risks of aluminium and paraben deodorant

There are many health issues that are possibly linked to the existence of aluminium and parabens in deodorant. Over the years, there has been a lot of concern about whether aluminium deodorants increase the risk or cause breast cancer.

First, aluminium may stimulate the production of estrogen, which increases the risk of breast cancer. Because the underarm is so close to the breast area, aluminium could be absorbed through the skin.

The risk is even higher for those who shave their armpit. Aluminium can seep into the body through small nicks and cuts, and in term could make its way to the lymph nodes. This could cause cells to mutate and turn into cancer.

According to a recent study, women who used deodorants and antiperspirants are at a higher risk of breast cancer and were found to have higher concentrations of aluminium in their breasts. The study also found that women with breast cancer had higher aluminium levels compared to women without breast cancer.

Other negative side effects

Aluminium may also increase the risk of:
• Alzheimer's disease
• Inability for the body to remove toxins
• Preventing DNA repair

Deodorants that contain parabens may also be dangerous. Like aluminium, parabens may also increase the risk of breast cancer and other health issues. Research has found that parabens have estrogen-like properties.

By acting like weak estrogen in the body, parabens may activate the growth of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer cells.

Smell good without risking your health

Smelling and feeling your best shouldn't require you to risk your health. Practice self love by saying goodbye to aluminium and paraben deodorants and go the all-natural route instead. Our natural aluminium free deodorant is made with safe ingredients that keep you fresh throughout the day.

Browse our store here to find a natural deodorant that you’re sure to love.

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