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Where is Fresh with Sol located?
We are located and incorporated in Singapore
Business entity name: FRESH WITH SOL
UEN: 53446496C

Why use deodorant?
Your sweat is naturally odorless. But odor causing bacteria living on your skin thrives on that sweat and metabolizes it, leading to smelly underarms. To combat this, we have develop a formula to absorb and wick away wetness, neutralize the environment where the bacteria thrives and contribute to the biodiversity & strength of your skin microbiome.

How long can a bottle of deodorant last?
Our deodorant comes in a 60ml bottle and can last between 8-10 weeks on average.

Can Fresh with Sol deodorant last throughout the day?
We have done extensive research to perfect the formula. While we only use natural ingredient, we are able to attain a 12 hours effectiveness on our deodorant.

Where are the deodorant made?
We source all ingredients from within Asia and the production is done in our partnering factory in Malaysia.

Is Fresh With Sol deodorant suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies?
Absolutely yes! Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no toxins and other harmful ingredients. We choose certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

Do Fresh With Sol deodorant uses synthetic fragrance?
No, we use pure essential oils for our product scent.

Do Fresh With Sol deodorant uses baking soda?
Yes. Baking soda is one of the active ingredients in the super-strength formula. But we acknowledge that some of us might have sensitive skin, hence we have created a sensitive skin formula which does not contain baking soda.

Subscribing to Fresh With Sol Deodorant
A subscription to Fresh With Sol allows you to receive your deodorant at a consistent frequency. This way, you never run out of them! Our Deodorant cost $15 if you purchase individually, or $12.75 if you subscribe to them, which you will then be billed and delivered to you according to your selected schedule

Please note that you are not obligated to a subscription when making a purchase. You can purchase the deodorant individually or opt-in and subscribe.

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