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Great for Tween!

I wish I had found this earlier. My poor tween was using salt based deodorant, with recent eczema flare, the folds on the underarm was affected and she will squeal in pain when apply salt based deodorant.

This product was life changing that it doesn’t hurt, but help to reverse the skin condition and help to control the odour too.

Also she is receptive to the change that need to give a little more time (seconds) to “air” dry the deodorant.

Looking forward for more scent for sensitive skin.

Happy with Purchase

I haven't tried the Lavender shower gel but have been using the underarm roll-ons for quite some time. Love the assurance that there are no harmful chemicals leaching into my skin except for everything lovely and safe. Feel confident smelling great throughout the day. Grateful for finding your product. Will use it for life.

Works brilliantly

This is the second time I have purchased Sol deodorant. I have tried several other brands of 'natural deodorant', but this is the best by far. Highly recommended.

Good for Eczema

Found this product online which is suitable for eczema and decided to buy it for my niece as she starts to have BO... Bought quite a few products previously for her but unable to use it as her eczema is so bad after using... She started using it and surprisingly no outbreak of eczema

Smells great!

I am using the Lavender scent but I the citrus. Can't wait to use it.
It applies easily and smoothly.
I did notice I seem to sweat a lil more.but was glad to read this is part of the body's natural response. Will stick to it!

Im friggin amazed

Decided to yolo and try cause my BO was quite bad recently. First day of using and i already notice i did not smell after one full day out. Its been a week now and its been working amazing

First time trying!

This is my first time trying a natural formula. I’ve been using for more than a week. So far it works well for my sensitive skin. Though I’m not a fan of the citrus smelling one, would love to try other scented ones.


Have been off other commercial deodorants for a while, so the Lavender Super Strength Formula worked wonderful the moment I purchased it. I personally have quite strong body odour, and found that this deodorant got rid of this completely and had me feeling fresh all day. Although the Lavender scent of the deodorant is mild, it really does work well for people with strong B.O.. Great purchase, will definitely be getting again! :)

Super Strength Formula in Sandalwood
Shirleen Cho
A bit disappointing

It doesn't have much fragrance that i was expecting and doesn't last as long as advertised throughout the day.

Highly recommended

No complaints. Very satisfied user. Easy to glide on, doesn't leave any white stain, really nice smelling for a whole day, not sticky at all. Love it!


So far so good. It's not sticky or drying like others. Smell is not too strong or overbearing.

Bundle review

Been using the deodorant close to a year, no doubt, it’s an amazing product.

The new launched shower gel is so good! I got the eucalyptus shower gel. It’s damn good! Refreshing and moisturising.

Lavender deodorant

It’s works as per advertised… long lasting deodorant.

Super Strength Formula in Sandalwood
love love love!!

I have eczema, and recently it started flaring up easily so I needed a natural deodarant without the heavy chemical stuff that’ll trigger it. Thank God I found this. The smell is great too! The sandalwood is not so strong, which I like and it helps to keep those pesky odour at bay. Will purchase again! 🥰🥰🥰

Long lasting deodorant!

Bought the lavender one and I love the smell! This deodorant remains effective throughout the day


Bought this all natural ingredients Deodorant for my Hub and son, hope that its suitable and useful for them.

Super Strength Formula in Sandalwood

I threw away all my other deodorants after using freshwithsol (sandalwood). Enough said.

Super Strength Formula in Rose
Dhwani SD
Effective and lovely scent

I've tried several green options in the deo market, and this is one that's worked almost all day! The rosy scent might fade towards evening, but still keeps any other odours at bay! Also appreciated the fast shipping.

Super Strength Formula in Sandalwood
So far so good!

Like what other reviews have mentioned, it really works esp after a long day out in humid SG! The sandalwood scent can be slightly strong at application, but tones down nicely throughout the day.

Super Strength Formula in Rose
Rose M
Nice Rose scent

I bought the one with Rose scent for my mom and she loves. As for me, I would prefer a stronger Rose scent. The liquid application lasts for the whole day and no BO. I would prefer the stick form, if there is any.

Super Strength Formula in Rose
It works!

I have been using this deodorant for 2 weeks and it helped me stay odourless even after a hot and humid day out. Was initially quite skeptical as I've tried many anti-perspirant and they don't work so I was pleasantly surprised by this! Rose scent was better than I expected and it is pretty mild after application. Downside is it feels abit sticky and leaves a white cast on my skin. However, yet to try and see if it transfers to dark clothings. I am so happy to find something that works so will definite repurchase!

Super Strength Formula in Sandalwood
Nani Fuad

i have been battling BO ever since i can remember and this just goes away. I got the sandalwood scent as i want to try something that isn't overwhelming and i am impress! so far it doesn't stain my shirts but we'll see

Super Strength Formula in Rose
Not bad so far

Received it quite quickly after ordering :) used it for 2 days so far and not much BO at the end of the day, so that's great! Rose smell is nicer than I expected, kind of powdery smell! The smell is subtle after application so it's good! Will continue to observe effects:)

Lightly scented deodorant

Lightly scented and works well. Would like to try the other citrus one.

Super Strength Formula in Rose
Effective deodorant

I have sensitive skin. Yet this is gentle on my skin, and does not sting. Nice scent too.

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