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i have been battling BO ever since i can remember and this just goes away. I got the sandalwood scent as i want to try something that isn't overwhelming and i am impress! so far it doesn't stain my shirts but we'll see

Not bad so far

Received it quite quickly after ordering :) used it for 2 days so far and not much BO at the end of the day, so that's great! Rose smell is nicer than I expected, kind of powdery smell! The smell is subtle after application so it's good! Will continue to observe effects:)

Lightly scented deodorant

Lightly scented and works well. Would like to try the other citrus one.

Effective deodorant

I have sensitive skin. Yet this is gentle on my skin, and does not sting. Nice scent too.

Didn't perform as intended

As the title mentioned, I thought it'll be stronger but it doesn't seem to work as intended as body odor is still present after just an hour


really like that it stays fresh almost the whole day, nice smell


Nice natural scent. Will purchase again

Works great!

It works as intended, and there's no smell after application. However, doesn't seem long lasting as the BO returns after a few hours.

I like that the product itself is lightly scented and doesn't have that overwhelming scent as with most deodorants.


Fast delivery. Nice smell. Not sticky

Nice Scent

Tried first day, lovin the scent.

Rose scent

So far so good. I use only 2days when i purchase. The scent is nice.

The best deodorant

Love the product. No matter how sweaty I was, it keeps my BO away. Other product deodorant that i used before will have that pungent smell when it got mix with body sweat.. But this one really keep the BO away. Just the right deodorant im looking for.

Super strength formula in lavender

Smells nice.

Super Strength Formula - Lavender

The Lavender deodorant is amazing! It smells so good! It is able to mask-out my underarms smell for the entire day although it does not stop my underarms from sweating on humid days. The deodorant is non-sticky. I feel confident and fresh when I use this deodorant. Thank you for this brand!


I had a bad bo. After trying withing a day. I can feel the difference of using it. I don't smell bad anymore. Love it!

First thoughts

Just tried it for a few days, scent is mild. Overall use felt ok. Quite lasting.

This is my first purchase. I bought 2, Rose and Lavender. I have just started using the Lavender one for about a week or more and I like it very much!


At least 24 hrs of protection from sweat and smells. Really happy to use this product and also feels great on my skin :)

Light scent, lasting effects & love it!

Good deodorant that is free from aluminium and paraben. Really love the light scent and lasting effects. Really minimise the awful odour even perspiring. Strongly recommended!

Did not receive the deodorant

Didn't receive the deodorant even though it was indicated as delivered in the delivery tracking log. An email enquiry was sent but haven't received any reply yet.

First time trying this brand

The deodorant smells light and not too strong. Easy to wash away. Hopefully doesn’t cause itch and stain clothes

Odour-free for a long time!

Unless I have an intense sweat sess, applying this deo keeps me odour-free the whole day. I'm now more confident and less self-conscious. It does feel sticky but it's a minor trade-off. Thank you for making such an awesome product!

Sensitive Skin Formula in Citrus
Pleasantly Effective

I've tried natural deodorants in the past and wasn't impressed because I usually sweat buckets and they did nothing to help with odours.

However I've been using Sol for about 2+ months now and even though I still have sweaty pits (happens with antiperspirants anyway, no limitations there), at least I smell nice now haha!! Personally I feel that it even helps to reduce the sweat amount. Will definitely be repurchasing.

This is one effective deo!

I tried my hardest to smell my usual odour after a whole day or after a hard workout using applying this deo. Nothing. I check my olfactory on something with a scent then back to my pits. I've waited to leave a review and now I'm sure. The deo is so good at preventing odours from developing. I'm on the hunt for natural deos that work and so far, this takes the cake.

non-sticky and nice smelling

This deodorant is non-sticky which is wonderful and the smell is very subtle as I don’t fancy a strong smelling deodorant. And, most importantly I did not experience any adverse reaction to this formula. I tried another natural deodorant brand and had bad rashes. I’d recommend Freshwithsol to anyone looking for natural deodorant.

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